business solutions
Reddo Limited performs business translating service with the goal of producing a high quality translation for use in circumstances such as official business correspondence, websites, reports and documents, training and e-learning, multimedia, software, packaging and production, desktop publishing and similar texts.

These texts are translated by a minimum of two translators and are translated, edited and carefully proofread to ensure absolute accuracy.

industry technical solutions
These are translations that require 100% accuracy not only with respect to the fundamentals, but also regarding precise language choice for your specified target audience. This option is recommended for texts that will be published on a large scale, for texts that contain highly specialized language or texts that must be localized for audiences outside of the mainstream. These are translations that cannot be performed by generalists alone. They require translators with specialized knowledge of the subject matter and defined areas of expertise. Medical, legal and technical texts as well as marketing and business communications that are culturally sensitive, normally fall into this category.

Such translation work requires not only editing and proofing, but often language validation by one or more area experts.

personal solutions
Reddo Limited performs personal translating service with the goal of basic communication. These are translations performed by a single translator without the assistance of an editor or proofreader though they are typically of very high quality.

These texts are ideal for inter-office use, personal letters, email or as a first draft of work that will later be edited.

other solutions
These translations cater to the need to communicate any such information not addressed by the other categories. Any other form of text requiring translation is categorized under this heading such as tattoos, decals, mottos, graphics, etc. Translations of less than 50 or even 10 words like tattoos or mottos are usually very expensive and if they're cheap, the quality is usually poor. So at Reddo Limited, we have applied our translation skills to offer the best of both worlds, bringing you a value-for-money reliable service. Each translating service is performed by a single translator without the assistance of an editor or proofreader though they are typically of very high quality.

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